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Eyebrow is a trumpet and drums duo based in Bristol, UK, formed in 2009. Its music evolves out of improvisations which are reassembled into structured pieces with an unexpectedly cinematic sweep.

Pete Judge (trumpet, electronics) is trumpeter with BBC Jazz Award winners Get The Blessing, and multi-instrumentalist with acoustic trio Three Cane Whale.

Paul Wigens (drums, percussion) has played with cult-legends Blurt and Grand Drive, and worked with Natacha Atlas, VivAlbertine (The Slits), Damo Suzuki (Can), and Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart).

Eyebrow is best known in the UK for its collaborations with Finnish-Welsh dance company Taikabox, with b-side multimedia festival, and with internationally-renowned visual artist Kathy Hinde.

“Garden City” is the band’s fourth album, and was recorded and produced by Tim Allen (Bat For Lashes) at Invada Studios in Bristol. Special guest Jim Barr (Portishead, Get The Blessing) appears on two tracks.

"their haunting sounds trickle down the spine like dripping stalactites” (Morning Star)

"this duo have been spellbinding audiences wherever they play” (Venue)

"not the birth of the cool, but surely the rebirth. Amazing" (