Alen Ilijic

Based on avant-garde intentions, experimental music by Alen Ilijić is created under his own rules negating the need for any compromise. Ilijić’s radical poetics emphasizes the seriousness of individuality bound with artistic truth in each of his compositional approaches. In Ilijić’s performances body motion has a major role as an inclusion in performing arts. Guided by intuition, his performances ended up with a broken piano and injured, bloody hands. This can be seen as a confirmation of Ilijić’s great, unfettered creative energy. In his authentic music world, there is chaos which is made of carefully selected notes in order to break down the boundaries of recognizable forms of expression. Ilijić’s creative complexity is reflected in his way of liberating sounds, while binding them in unique access, so they can only exist in the space of coexistence. Ilijić’s music shows diversity of innovations implying noise as alternative idiom. Developing a new kind of music, compositions by Ilijić are not made for today or even tomorrow, but for the time yet to come.

Milica Bogosavljević, Art Historian

Take a look at Alen Ilijic’s performance / the opening of his exhibition “Noisygenes” @ "Issu Perpetuum Mobile" in Belgrade, Serbia on June 8

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I have no coordiNATION by Alen Ilijic is now officially released. Download it from iTunes or other digital stores, and the CD will be out soon, too. Stay tuned!

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